i.e. just run TS things like tslint and tsc at bui...
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i.e. just run TS things like tslint and tsc at build time then Pulumi later? Or does Pulumi wrap those other things?
@bitter-oil-46081 is probably the best person to explain this.
short answer is if you’re running ts, probably.
You can pick the workflow that makes sense for you. By default, Pulumi will use the ts-node package to allow you to use typescript directly so you don’t have to invoke tsc before updating. However, if you prefer the explicit step, you can set main in your package.json to be something like “bin/index.js” and then require that tsc is run before. This will give you complete control on how you invoke typescript and what version you end up using.
Internally, we’ve landed on the “just write typescript and let Pulumi do the right thing”.
Meaning that’s how we choose to write the Pulumi programs that define our infrastructure.
Note that Pulumi will not explicitly run tslint, so probably something you want to continue to do in CI.