hey i have question / feature request. Would you c...
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hey i have question / feature request. Would you consider porting the terraform gsuite provider to pulumi? (https://github.com/DeviaVir/terraform-provider-gsuite ). GCP relies to a large extent on GSuite for authentication and there are some things like “Groups” and Group Memberships that can only be managed via GSuite APIs. It is official best practice (i.e. recommended by google and in the GCP docs) to grant GCP IAM roles to Google Groups instead of granting roles to users directly. Currently I’m managing groups and group memberships manually via the UI, but it would be awesome if I could do so via pulumi instead. Wdyt?
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seconded. Didn't even realize that TF provider existed.
@orange-tailor-85423 @glamorous-printer-66548 this is doable with the pulumi tfbridge stuff.
I suspect we are probably a bit too busy with other stuff to do this ourselves though?
created a gh issue to not forget about it: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-gcp/issues/56 . Maybe a couple of weeks down the road I may have time to play with pulumi tfbridge and port this over but I wouldn’t mind if pulumi corp does it 😄.