When creating an EKS cluster via `@pulumi/eks` I n...
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When creating an EKS cluster via
I need to specify some CNI env vars, such as
to decrease the pre-allocated pool of IP addresses. How is that accomplished via Pulumi?
cc @microscopic-florist-22719
Interesting. I don’t think that this is currently possible with
. Does this envvar need to be set on the worker nodes?
@microscopic-florist-22719 I think the requirement here is actually deeper - it needs to be possible to deploy the CNI YAML prior to nodes being created, and to customize the env vars passed to the CNI daemonset as part of that deployment. My understanding is that this CNI yaml is deployed automatically by EKS, so would need to somehow be updated instead of created by the Pulumi component. Definitely worth opening an issue on this to narrow down what the best extensibility point is to expose to enable this. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/eks/latest/userguide/cni-upgrades.html