Hey guys, I just recently discovered Pulumi and wa...
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Hey guys, I just recently discovered Pulumi and was instantly convinced by the idea behind it. I just got around to trying it out and noticed that there is no terraform-equivalent of a "file" or "locale/remote-exec" provisioner. So I was wondering how people are dealing with this, since getting a file on a server and then executing something seems like a pretty common use case
There's an open issue for it: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/99
I just marked that as on deck to discuss and prioritize soon, as it's definitely come up many times now. (cc @microscopic-florist-22719) Note that we've been able to work around its absence with our "dynamic providers" feature, which lets you hook into and perform operations (like
commands) during an update. If you want help going down that path, let us know a bit more about your specific scenario, and I'm sure we can help get you going in a direction.
I am aware of the github issue. I thought there might be an unofficial "workaround", which it seems you just described