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Hello my fellow pulumiers πŸ™‚, can someone break down a high level sequenced example of how they are using pulumi@kubernetes with existing CICD pipelines? I am working out a pulumi@kubernetes PoC for my org and want to make sure I am on the correct path. Thanks!
We have a bit of documentation available at https://pulumi.io/reference/cd.html. @clever-sunset-76585 has been making improvements here, especially as we are bringing up GitLab support as we speak, but if you have any questions please fire away and we'll do our best to help!
Hi, @future-energy-28590, with which CI system are you doing your PoC?
Hey @clever-sunset-76585, gitlab ci
Great! There is a GitLab page here: https://pulumi.io/reference/cd-gitlab-ci.html. I would love your feedback! Hopefully, it has some useful info for you in its current form.
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So far we have helm charts that get pushed to a managed repo. Then within the repository of the service/app I plan to include an infra directory with the pulumi source referencing the helm chart. How do I set values using the Helm interface in pulumi@kubernetes? Is it ->
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const coreApi = new k8s.helm.v2.Chart("core-api-analytics", {
    repo: "charts.repo....",
    version: "0.6",
    chart: "core-api",
   values: { ...
Paging our resident k8s expert @creamy-potato-29402.
@future-energy-28590 Hi! Sorry for the wait, I somehow did not get these notifications.
If I understand you correctly, you mean to ask if that’s how you set the equivalent of
, and that is how.
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You are correct.
Please do let me know how it goes! Would love the feedback. πŸ™‚
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thanks @clever-sunset-76585 @creamy-potato-29402