Greetings. I may have a crazy stupid idea, but I w...
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Greetings. I may have a crazy stupid idea, but I work with some of the other engineers at MINDBODY that are provisioning GCP resources and how it’s improved their infrastructure build out vs using Terraform. On the flip side, I am tasked with provisioning resources On-Prem with vsphere, F5 LBs, Palo Alto Firewalls, Infoblox, Active Directory et. al. more traditional on-prem stack devices. So, pitting Pulumi vs Terraform for provisioning on-prem resources, YAY/NAY?
Pulumi should in general provide the same benefits for both cloud and on-prem infrastructure. So my (biased 🙂) answer would be YAY. Today, we support vSphere and OpenStack. Onboarding additional on-prem infrastructure providers where a Terraform provider already exists is a fairly simple process. And in the not too distant future we expect this to be nearly automatic that the same set of providers is available for both.
Cool. That is what I was feeling and just wanted to open this up for discussion as this may not be intended purpose for Pulumi, but can provide like for like results. Thank You for your response.