Anyone know where I might find an example on pulum...
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Anyone know where I might find an example on pulumi utilizing aws elastic beanstalk? I found api docs but turning up nada in the GitHub examples folder in repos
We had an example a while back, but it was deleted in I don't remember why -- @white-balloon-205 do you? If you browse the repo at a prior commit, it is probably a good starting point and may be very close to just working (modulo whatever issue caused us to remove it in the first place): HTH
cool i will take a peek beanstalk is our next project and I would love to have it in code over terraform esque tools
The old "example" was really an integration test in the
repository, and was removed because it was flaky (in particular, AWS had a few times hard-deprecated old platform versions breaking the tests). We could definitely bring it back as a proper example though! For now - the code in the link Joe shared above should work as a starting point:
yeah id love to see one....maybe as I dive in I can contribute
thx for the info