How can one access properties of a provider ? In m...
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How can one access properties of a provider ? In my case I’d like to access the
property of the
I pass down my components.
Currently these are not exposed into the program directly. This is actually at it's core a limitation of the Terraform Providers that Pulumi depends on - they do not store the credentials they use internally into the provider instance. You can get an
via the following - but not sure that is sufficient for what you need here?
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export let clientConfig = gcp.organizations.getClientConfig();
@white-balloon-205 thanks for your help, as always. That’s what I thought. I will try what you are suggesting and see if that’s enough (trying to get a json key from the service account to pass to cert-manager). I was already working on an alternative way but I didn’t want to do something twice if I was able to get it in the provider.