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12/06/2018, 2:23 PM
I think I was oversold on Pulumi capabilities vs Terraform for On-Prem IAC. Finding it very difficult to understand the implementation of Terraform stuff in Pulumi to get the like for like selling point of Pulumi. Can someone honestly tell me if I can use Pulumi to: - Use VSPhere for VM Create - Use Chef to configure VM - Use F5 for Loadbalancing - Use Infoblox for DNS These are all supported Providers and or Provisioners. Vsphere being the only package available for VM Creation in Pulumi. Not even sure how Terraform provisioners are referenced in Pulumi or if they even will be…. Is there a time frame for such implementations?


12/06/2018, 5:11 PM
Joey, thanks for the question, and apologies for the bumps in the road using Pulumi. If you're up for it, we'd love to hop on a call to talk through your end to end scenario and understand it better, so we can come up with a game plan to unblock you. Pulumi can support any Terraform provider with a minimal amount of work, however we typically work with customers to bring online the ones they need "on demand." To this point, that's been mostly public cloud providers, VMWare, and a smattering of others. Everything is open source and possible to do yourself, but per the discussion with James earlier, it's not 100% turnkey -- especially because we like to write sample Pulumi programs and tests anytime we do -- and so we typically just jump in and do the bring up when a customer asks. We don't support provisioners yet (tracked, but because Pulumi is real code, there are more powerful extensibility mechanisms. We have several customers using Pulumi successfully with Chef, Ansible, and others, so again, we'd love to work with you to get this working. Thanks for the feedback and look forward to talking in more depth.