Is there any documentation someone can point me to...
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Is there any documentation someone can point me to for how to setup
with a cognito user pool authorizer? The closest I've found was in this slack from @white-balloon-205 3 months ago.
@acoustic-magazine-13505 it's not something i've ever attempted before... however, looking at AWS's docs here: it doesn't look it should be too much trouble.
i'm reading through it now
Ah, based on the docs, this may not be something supported currently
it looks lke in order to do this, it's necessary to add a block like this to the swagger API we generate:
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"security": [
            "MyUserPool": ["com.hamuta.movies/drama.view", "<>"]
but there's no real way to customize this swagger string currently.
I'll open an issue to track us trying to come up with a solution herein the future
Oh, looks like we have an issue on htis already:
I'll addthis thread as another report of this being wanted.
Ok good to know, thanks 👍