> I don't have a StackReference class in my lat...
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I don't have a StackReference class in my latest pull of
. Is it in a different package?
No, it should be in that package. What version of the
package ended up getting resolved?
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[resource plugin kubernetes-0.18.0] installing
Downloading plugin:  16.23 MiB / 16.23 MiB [========================] 100.00% 0s
eks-cluster@ /home/tsi/eshamay/git/mustang/sdp-mustang-terraform/pulumi/eks-cluster
├── @pulumi/aws@0.16.3
├─┬ @pulumi/eks@0.16.3
│ └── @pulumi/kubernetes@0.17.5
├── @pulumi/kubernetes@0.18.0
└── @pulumi/pulumi@0.16.7
after deleting the node_modules and `npm install`ing the error went away, but now a new error
I'll see if this unblocks
Are things working for you now?
There is an example here: https://pulumi.io/reference/organizing-stacks-projects.html#inter-stack-dependencies. Let me and/or @microscopic-florist-22719 know if things aren't working -- if you share some code we should be able to dig in.
I finally got it working, thanks