Hi, With the latest pulumi cli version the previe...
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Hi, With the latest pulumi cli version the preview is really slow, 5 time slower with the same code, any idea what cause this?
@bitter-oil-46081 @colossal-beach-47527 any ideas?
I suspect this is due to the change we made between 0.16.6 and 0.16.7 to start sending richer data for display on pulumi.com from previews. @colossal-beach-47527 any thoughts on if there's something we can do easily to verify that assumption (I suspect using 0.16.6 we could set some variable to have it send the events in the same way 0.16.7 and see if we see the slowdown?)
Yes, I’m certain this has to do with a recent change we made for how we store and emit the update logs. There is a lot of chattiness between the
CLI and the Pulumi Service relative to how many resources are in your stack, and with the recent changes, that number just increased by a small factor. So a slowdown was expected, but 5x seems especially bad. Does your stack use Docker by chance? And do your stack update logs contain locks of output from the Docker build?
the stack does not have any docker related stuff
we see the same behaviour with smaller stack, like 20 resource
@cold-coat-35200 interesting. I’ll need to do some more analysis on the server-side to see what the culprit is. Hopefully we can fix whatever the bottleneck is quickly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
Is there an issue for this to track?
@cold-coat-35200 sorry for the radio silence. I just logged https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2303 to track it. I’ll be able to land some performance improvement in the next few weeks.
A fix for the perf issue has been submitted, and will be in the next official Pulumi release. If you want to get ahold of the latest -dev bits, you can run
curl -fsSL <https://get.pulumi.com/> | bash -s -- --version 0.16.9-dev.1545348870
. If you have any problems, or still see this performance regression please let me know. Have a great weekend!
thanks, we will try next year 😄
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@colossal-beach-47527 really nice speed improvement!