Does anyone have experience with the Pulumi Github...
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Does anyone have experience with the Pulumi Github App? I've added it to a repository, but aren't seeing anything show up on Pull Requests. Is there any specific config needed to activate it?
Hi James! I’m the person who wrote the GitHub app, so feel free to bug me if you have any questions 🙂
The first thing to confirm is that the app is installed and has access to the repo. If the “checks” tab on your PR shows the Pulumi app, then all is well. (Otherwise you’d need to reconfigure the GitHub Pulumi app and make sure it receives the events for that specific repo.)
Assuming that is all correct, how are you running
with the Pull Request, i.e. what CI/CD system are you using? Travis CI, Azure Pipelines, etc.?
If your CI system isn’t currently in the set of ones we support automatically, you can set a few environment variables which should add the right metadata so the stack update can be associated with your GitHub Pull Request.
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export PULUMI_CI_SYSTEM="builder-bot-9000"
export PULUMI_CI_BUILD_ID="42"
export PULUMI_CI_BUILD_TYPE="push"
export PULUMI_CI_BUILD_URL="https://.../"
export PULUMI_CI_PULL_REQUEST_SHA="<git SHA if different than what is on the GitHub PR>"
Hope that helps! Let me know if that works for you. Happy to answer any more questions and hear what you think.
Ah - So I think I misunderstood. I have to explicitly run Pulumi in a CI/CD system for it to pickup the pull request, it doesn't just inspect the definition?
Yes, that is correct. The Pulumi GitHub app doesn’t request access to your code, or know how to build your program, etc. Instead it works by reporting the results of any
invocations from your CI/CD back to the Pull Request.
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