Does anyone knows what this is about ? ` E1222 ...
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Does anyone knows what this is about ?
E1222 16:44:42.989623   49002 streamwatcher.go:109] Unable to decode an event from the watch stream: http2: server sent GOAWAY and closed the connection; LastStreamID=47, ErrCode=NO_ERROR, debug=""
This is from a kubernetes deployment? Sounds like a network error while watching the kubernetes master. Cc @creamy-potato-29402
Yes sorry, this was logged under a
output and the only error I got else than that was a kubernetes deployment which failed with a timeout
@white-balloon-205 @faint-motherboard-95438 this tends to happen when the API server becomes unavailable to your machine in the middle of an update. I see it sometimes when I have a reaaaaallly slow Internet connection, as I do on the reservation.
I think the error message could improve, but there’s also a bunch of errors like this that are deep in client-go, which I’m not sure how to get at.
@creamy-potato-29402 thanks for the follow up. If I remember well, I got this problem because of a missing
in my deployment flow which seems to have lead to an unexpected error and timeout. Once I added explicitly the dependency the problem was gone.
could be — I’m not 100% sure why the error happens, only that I see it occasionally when I have a very unreliable internet connection.
It does look more alarming than it is. YOu aren’t being rate limited, I don’t think — this seems to be a protocol-level thing.
Yes I’m pretty sure the problem was not related to my connection at that time. (It could be my VPN though, but usually when I have an issue like that I test twice with and without the VPN to be sure it’s not related)
if you ever get around to reliably reproducing it please file a bug.
I’ve tried to track it down, but it’s too uncommon for me to make real progress
Sure, I’ll let you know