To be clear - I know I can specify config options ...
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To be clear - I know I can specify config options for the default k8s provider via
pulumi config set kubernetes:kubeconfig
but in my case I create a gke container and create kubeconfig that I want to use - is it possible to pass that kubeconfig to the default kubernetes provider instance or create my own instance of kubernetes provider and replace the default one?
Currently no - you can either use the existing ambient provider established via config settings, or must pass an explicitly created provider manually. is tracking offering a way to set the default provider.
Thanks - I had the same issue as described in the linked ticket…
@gifted-island-55702 yeah this is something we’re actively working on. I deleted my kubeconfig file so I never use the ambient provider by accident — I always boot a GKE/EKS/AKS cluster and then deploy an app on it with the first-class providers.
Yes, I just can’t wait to get this feature released 😄