hi, changing the `parameterGroupName` of an `aws.e...
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hi, changing the
of an
is handled as an update, while it could contain "requires-reboot" type parameters, like "databases" for redis, which will fail with:
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updating urn:pulumi:dev::dliver::storage:elasticCache:redis$aws:elasticache/replicationGroup:ReplicationGroup::dlv-dev-rd-ch: error updating Elasticache Replication Group (dlv-dev-rd-ch): InvalidParameterValue: The parameter databases has a different value in the requested parameter group than the current parameter group. This parameter value cannot be changed for a cache cluster.
The "deleteBeforeReplace" option won't solve this, because we don't want any downtime, how can we handle these situations without manual intervention? Currently, the only solution I can imagine to remove the "ReplicationGroup" from stack manually, create the new one with pulumi, then delete the old one manually from aws.
the mentioned solution doesn't work, because the
does not have an auto generated name, so pulumi unable to create it after deleted from the stack 😞
error: Plan apply failed: Error creating Elasticache Replication Group: ReplicationGroupAlreadyExists: Replication group with specified name already exists.
Can you rename the
to force a new one to be created?
I will try, but messed up the stack, I need to fix a few things first
I can rename the replicationGroup
now I created a postfix with the pulumi random package and added a keeper value to trigger the redis cluster replace if necessary, but it's a really hackish solution