How am I supposed to keep consistent strings or da...
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How am I supposed to keep consistent strings or data (ie. passwords) generated during components creation process (not coming from the config) ? If I generate something random, pulumi wants to change it every time I run an update, which is not what I want, I want to keep it during the stack lifetime or until destroyed otherwise.
could you check for the existence of the value in the config, generate and store it if not present? or is config a complete no-go
(will freely admit i don't know right now if there's a way to set config values from the code - just getting started with pulumi...)
If there’s a way to store it in the config from the code, that would be perfect, but unfortunately I don’t think we can (or I don’t know how). But anyway my goal is to keep them independent from real user inputs in the config.
ok nevermind, I found it, there’s a package for that
Sorry I didn’t dig enough 🙂
Yes -
is very handy for generating persistent secrets/randomness within a Pulumi program.