hello, I just posted something to golang. I think ...
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hello, I just posted something to golang. I think something in my config is messed up. I tried deploying the sample s3 go app with pulumi here:
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package main

import (

func main() {
	pulumi.Run(func(ctx *pulumi.Context) error {
		// Create an AWS resource (S3 Bucket)
		bucket, err := s3.NewBucket(ctx, "my-bucket", nil)
		if err != nil {
			return err

		// Export the DNS name of the bucket
		ctx.Export("bucketName", bucket.BucketDomainName())
		return nil
but when I run
pulumi stack
i get this without any outputs:
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▶ pulumi stack
Current stack is MINDBODY-Platform/bb8-richard-laub:
    Owner: MINDBODY-Platform
    Last updated: 3 minutes ago (2019-01-15 16:40:04.79614 -0800 PST)
    Pulumi version: v0.16.10
    Plugin go [language] version: 0.16.10
    Plugin aws [resource] version: 0.16.5

Current stack resources (3):
    TYPE                  NAME
    pulumi:pulumi:Stack   bb8-bb8-richard-laub
    pulumi:providers:aws  default
    aws:s3/bucket:Bucket  my-bucket

Current stack outputs (0):
    No output values currently in this stack

More information at: <https://app.pulumi.com/MINDBODY-Platform/bb8-richard-laub>

Use `pulumi stack select` to change stack; `pulumi stack ls` lists known ones
What is causing my outputs not to show?