<newIssue/> Trying to execute a Pulumi progr...
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<newIssue/> Trying to execute a Pulumi program in a CI/CD context on Azure DevOps. I'm using a service principal to authenticate to Azure, and all the relevant credentials are passed in as environment variables, i.e. ARM_TENANT_ID, ARM_CLIENT_ID, ARM_CLIENT_SECRET. However, Pulumi complains that a subscription ID must be selected:
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2019-01-20T21:10:36.7285438Z ++ pulumi stack select retrospect-svcReplika-dev
2019-01-20T21:10:36.8068556Z Logging in using access token from PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN
2019-01-20T21:10:37.6949041Z ++ pulumi up --yes
2019-01-20T21:10:38.3934068Z Previewing update (retrospect-svcReplika-dev):
2019-01-20T21:10:39.9270466Z     pulumi:pulumi:Stack RetrospectSvcReplika-retrospect-svcReplika-dev running 
2019-01-20T21:10:41.8484053Z     azure:core:ResourceGroup retrospect-dev-svcReplika  error: Error building AzureRM Client: 1 error(s) occurred:
2019-01-20T21:10:41.8590405Z     azure:core:ResourceGroup retrospect-dev-svcReplika  1 error
2019-01-20T21:10:41.8598421Z Diagnostics:
2019-01-20T21:10:41.8629164Z   azure:core:ResourceGroup (retrospect-dev-svcReplika):
2019-01-20T21:10:41.8629332Z     error: Error building AzureRM Client: 1 error(s) occurred:
2019-01-20T21:10:41.8629475Z     * A Subscription ID must be configured when authenticating as a Service Principal using a Client Secret.
2019-01-20T21:10:42.1712727Z error: an error occurred while advancing the preview
It makes sense that I would need to specify a subscription ID somewhere, but I just can't figure out where. Is there a separate environment variable that should be set for that? Setting it using Azure CLI doesn't seem like a viable option in this case, because Pulumi is doing the authentication itself as part of the
commands, and the subscription would need to be selected after that...
You can set ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID for that
(That is inherited from the Terraform provider)
Thank you @stocky-spoon-28903 I will try that!
That should really be documented on https://pulumi.io/quickstart/azure/setup.html
Interesting, I didn’t realise it wasn’t. I’ll open an issue for this
Thanks for sticking with it
Do you work at Pulumi?
Great, thanks!
I do, yes
And previously on Terraform :-)
That worked fine! First successful CI/CD deployment with Pulumi+Azure+Azure DevOps. The dawn of a new era for us.
Great! Do you have it configured with the github app?
No, we do the version control in Azure DevOps too.
Ah cool - did you have to do anything else to get it all working?
Btw I’ll come back to your other questions, just can’t easily answer them right now on my phone
No rush on the other one, whenever you get a chance. 🙂
Yeah I had to do a fair amount of tweaking to get it all working... maybe I should blog about it.
It would be great if you could blog about it.