Hi, anyone have any tips or work arounds for `requ...
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Hi, anyone have any tips or work arounds for
docker images and Github Actions workflows? Using this resource fails due to github disallowing
docker image inspect
for some reason. Someone else has created an issue here https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-cloud/issues/681. This error makes the otherwise awesome example https://github.com/pulumi/actions-example-gke-rails sort of sad since it doesn't work. Was this not an issue at the time of writing?
My understanding of this is that this was not an issue when the example was originally written, but is something that changed on the GitHub Actions side since launch. We still need to look into that issue to understand what the extent of the limitation is in Actions, and how best to modify that demo to work well in the Actions environment.
I certainly haven't been able to find any documentation as to what github allows and doesn't allow on the docker daemon 😞. The link in the error has no information on it.