or do I need to drop down to `aws:ecs.TaskDefiniti...
# general
or do I need to drop down to
and define all the apparatus myself?
Exactly for the reasons you mention, we are fleshing out a library "in between" these two extremes. It is AWS-specific, and has 100% of the flexibility availabe as the underlying platform when needed - but at nearly the same level of abtraction/simplicity as
. We're planning to do a rename and broader announce of this in the coming weeks - but we have several folks already building on top of it - and would love more feedback. https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws-infra
oh super cool, thanks
A suggestion for your documentation: as you build more libraries that work at varying levels, it would be cool to clearly indicate what “root” providers they depend on and otherwise how they fit into the ladder of abstraction.
Absolutely - we’re working on a big refactor of https://pulumi.io/reference/pkg/index.html to make the layering and relationship between core Pulumi packages clearer.
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