Just a heads up, I am occasionally seeing some odd...
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Just a heads up, I am occasionally seeing some oddities with instances of
- Pulumi reports that an object has been created, and it is present in the state and website UI, but not actually present in AWS. Doing a
pulumi refresh
causes the object’s non-existent status to be correctly reflected in the state, and then another
pulumi up
creates it correctly. I’d give you a better repro case if I could, but it’s not happening consistently, so hard to pin down.
Note: this may have something to do with me using a period
in my resource names. I haven’t seen the issue since I renamed them to be camel case only.
That is very strange. I have not seen anything like that before. If you do have any sort of repro steps for this I'd love to look into it.
if it continues to be an issue I will isolate it for you. Don’t have time to chase it down if it’s just a transient thing unfortunately.