Running into this error ``` gcp:dns:RecordSet (fr...
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Running into this error
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gcp:dns:RecordSet (frontend):
    error: unexpected null property rrdatas[0]
This is unexpected - I've opened You should be able to work around this by running
pulumi up --skip-preview
the first time to skip the initial preview - I believe things will work fine after that. But we need to look into why this is causing the failure. Alternatively, if your
callback ensured that it always returned a valid string - that would avoid this problem - such as replacing this:
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return t[0].accessConfigs[0].assignedNatIp;
With this:
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return t[0].accessConfigs[0].assignedNatIp || "";
(The ultimate problem is that
is undefined becuase that field does not exist on the
you provided as input - but that input should never be observable in that form because it will get filled in when the resource is created)
Thanks , that solved the issue.