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02/08/2019, 8:52 PM
i am new to AWS. i want to do as the title of this thread says... i want to assign a static IP address to a docker container or some other serverless solution. i have a ECS instance running on aws, this has a static IP assigned to it because i was able to find the option. this EC2 instance then runs a docker container with a caddy server to serve static content, and manage routing paths and subdomains. suppose i owned ""; i can create a subdomains like "" and route paths like "" i would prefer not to need a ec2 instance running if i can figure out how to do this serverless-ly. as i mentioned previously, i am new to AWS and i think using exactly fits my requirements and seems to be easy to understand. ... but i cant figure out how to assign a static IP address to a container running on AWS. i'm new to AWS, so any guidance is appreciated.