I created my first empty stack, but the web consol...
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I created my first empty stack, but the web console shows "Bad Request: Stack still contains resources" when I attempt a delete. Even though I haven't touched anything on it. 🤔
Which command did you run to delete?
This was attempted through web console in settings/options
Command-line has the same issue, but the error shows: "error: [400] Bad Request: Stack still contains resources."
Hi Miles, This is a bug on our end that we are going to fix. Behind the scenes, there actually is a resource (the top level "Stack" resource that you would have seen in the CLI, that is the parent of all your resources), it's just that the web console is hiding it from you and incorrectly assuming that because of that you should be able to remove the stack. You should be able to delete this stack by using the CLI in the following way:
pulumi stack rm --force <username>/<project-name>/<stack-name>
It will ask you to confirm that you want to do this and then delete the stack.
Yes, that fixed it. Interesting, thanks