# general


02/11/2019, 12:57 AM
gitlab-ci: (error: Plan apply failed: deployments.apps "end-to-end-deployment-1a-og3zfpc1" not found) and 3 other deployments are failing in my kubernetes repo.
I tried deleting and recreating the kubernetes cluster from my cluster repo and still same error. App deploys fine to second kubernetes cluster but the first kubernetes cluster broke this morning because of a not enough nodes provisioning error. Note: I am using CF to loadbalance between k8s clusters.
I guess I need a stack for each environment (region/zone) as I am currently defining them all under a single stack. This will allow me to run pulumi destroy (in stages) to each individual k8s cluster.
I'm guessing I can't do "pulumi stack init <user>/<project>/<stack>" and it only works with <organization> not <user>?