does pulumi have the concept of project secrets ra...
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does pulumi have the concept of project secrets rather than stack-only secrets?
creating some azure K8s clusters, and i want all of them to use the same SPN credentials, which are secrets
i'd like to not enter the same ones into 3-4 stacks if possible
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name: aks-backend
runtime: nodejs
description: A minimal TypeScript Pulumi program
      description: The AWS region to deploy into
      default: us-west-2
i see that my default Pulumi.yaml has that, but i cant seem to figure out how to view or add to the template.config
(that's copied from another aws stack), but that would be great if i could put azure secrets at the top level in Pulum.yaml and read them from all stacks
Project-wide secrets (and config) are not currently supported, no.
Could you open a feature request at
Thanks! 🙌