02/13/2019, 5:03 PM
A stack is an isolated, independently configurable instance of a Pulumi program. ... feature branches (such as feature-x-dev, jane-feature-x-dev).
6+ starting at $29 per stack/month
hmmm 😕


02/13/2019, 5:07 PM
We are currently exploring per user pricing as an option. If this sounds more appealing to you, happy to chat offline with details. (Same goes for anyone else who has this reaction.) Just DM me, email at, or happy to hop on a call.


02/13/2019, 6:27 PM
i’d like to also mention the pricing is very prohibitive for us on the enterprise plan at a per stack rate - i’d like the per user, as we have a small amount of users, but many stacks. For us, we have stacks per resource type, and per deployment, which is environment (prod/stage) a “color” for B/G style deployments, and also per region as we have global coverage, so we have like: api-b-prod-eus2, marketing-g-stage-wus2.. it’s adding up to quite a bit of stacks.. also stacks for networking, DB, cache, container registry, custom roles, resource groups, storage account, keyvaults, security groups. Tons o’ stacks.