Hello guys, I'm looking into pulumi which looks gr...
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Hello guys, I'm looking into pulumi which looks great! I have a question about resource that can't be updated. Say I have a GKE cluster running production workloads. I want to change the machine type. Manually, I would follow this tutorial : https://cloud.google.com/kubernetes-engine/docs/tutorials/migrating-node-pool Is there a way to do this gracefully with pulumi?
Because from my understanding, pulumi promotes the imperative declaration of a state. Can I order it to create a resource then delete it (a sequence), the same way I can with database migration (Alembic or the likes)
Got my answer: better off coding it myself. Pulumi still use a declarative engine driven by impetative languages.
@helpful-holiday-1475 This is actually how resource replacement works by default.
If you do something that causes us to replace something, we will create the new version first, and then delete the old version.
UNLESS you manually specify
, in which case we will delete before replace.