Hi Guys, I try to use microstacks and I would like...
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Hi Guys, I try to use microstacks and I would like to calculate a 3 available fix IPs 1/subnet in a VPC (in the current stack I know the vpcId), I need these IPs in different subnets. How should I do this with Pulumi? 😉 I can use 3rd party tools to achieve this goal
Pulumi is just typescript/javascript, I am sure there is abundance of NPM packages for CIDR calculations
There actually aren’t the abundance you think there are!
At least, not necessarily that do useful things
I ended up resorting to my “own” cidr math: https://github.com/jen20/pulumi-aws-vpc/blob/master/src/cidr.ts
I’m not 100% sure I understand the requirement though - could you give an example, @cuddly-eye-68174?
Guys, Thanks, I did not know there is a getVpc in the aws.ec2, I did not know it....i was looking for a module aws.vpc aws.network or something else....After I got the VPC, i can ask subnets, and of course i can choose IP
Thanks, this knowledge was needed for me...
aws.ec2 / getVpc...
so now I can access every property....