# general


02/19/2019, 9:04 PM
hi, I got an error when running
pulumi update
on a stack to create RDS instances. Got
failed to complete update: [404] Not Found: Update '1ac5fad4-38d6-465e-9b21-742c277e252a' not found
error on one of the instances. It was actually created in AWS. Followed the steps in the troubleshooting guide (cancel update, export / import, refresh). This does not pick up the created instance. When I try to run
pulumi update
again, it fails because the instance already exists. Would be great if there were a better way to handle it - instead of cancelling update, resolving it manually by pointing at the created resource ARN, for example
I guess editing state manually to add the failed resource, and then doing refresh is a solution.