Hi, im wondering if someone can help me. i can se...
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Hi, im wondering if someone can help me. i can see in the documentation when creating a container app, you can specify a path to the
as show in the example on https://pulumi.io/quickstart/aws/tutorial-service.html ... i would like something similar so i can build an image for kubernetes to work on an example like shown at: https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/kubernetes-ts-exposed-deployment. i have tried searching the documentation but i am unable to find what i am looking for. perhaps i am searching in the wrong place?
Kubernetesx is not implemented yet.
It’s on the roadmap though.
great! thanks for letting me know.
are you able to give me more information on what is planned for kubernetesx?
We haven’t started designing it yet, but it will be like awsx — just like the underlying API, but with a couple of little things that make it “richer”
stuff like
vs creating a
and adding it to a volume list.
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Just a note here - the
is just a wrapper that creates an
repository and builds and pushes a local Docker image to it. Effectively it just wraps these lines into a nice function: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-docker/blob/master/examples/aws/index.ts#L18-L45 You can use this as-is with Kubernetes if you want - or you can write similar code to work with whatever other registry you want to push to - DockerHub, GCR, ACR, or something you are self-hosting in your cluster - using
directly. You should not need any
like thing for this (and in fact, because Kubernetes itself doesn't have any built-in registry, it's not immediately clear that a
will be part of such a library).
thanks for the tip. can you give me an example of how i would implement this "as-is"? i am trying to create a caddy server:
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image: awsx.ecs.Image.fromPath("caddy", {
                                    dockerfile: "./src"
unlike in the example on the pulumi website (which i guess is incorrect?), it seems
in the latest version (0.16.5) requires 2 parameters. but i cant figure out how the second parameter needs to be specified. it would help if i could get an example.