(Python) is there an example of how to use data so...
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(Python) is there an example of how to use data sources in pulumi_aws? i'm getting coroutines back and not sure how to inspect their value e.g. if i have
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from pulumi_aws import secretsmanager

my_secret = secretsmanager.get_secret_version(secret_id="my-secret")
In aws terraform, I would normally be able to access the attribute
on this data source. how do i access that here so that i can use it as an input to another resource and/or log it to console so that i can inspect the value and see that things are working as i expect?
@brainy-magician-83981 thanks, i did look at that, but again not sure how that works with data sources like in my example
trying to access
results in:
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AttributeError: 'coroutine' object has no attribute 'secret_string'