Hi community, I just came across Pulumi some days...
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Hi community, I just came across Pulumi some days ago... looks really really cool 🙂 I started to used tf2pulumi to convert some of my terraform infrastructures. Is there a list of supported providers? What can I do to add more providers ? e.g.
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* provider.huaweicloud: version = "~> 1.3"
* provider.mysql: version = "~> 1.5"
* provider.tls: version = "~> 1.2"* 
* provider.kubernetes : version = custom fork
Hi @polite-yacht-41549! Great to hear it’s looking good so far!
So, we don’t have TLS, MySQL or Huawei providers right now (though they are straightforward to bring up quickly if necessary!)
Our Kubernetes support doesn’t really map cleanly to the TF provider as it’s a lot more complete and full-featured, but is something you’ll likely enjoy using directly - unfortunately tf2pulumi doesn’t work there though.
I would say that unless we see a significant uptake in TF k8s usage, we will probably not support it.
Hi guys, thanks for repliing so quickly! K8s would be the main reason why we'll switch to pulami. TF is pretty poor here, It is difficult to maintain k8s artifacts with HCL. I think there is no need to use tf2pulumi for k8s stuff. Huawei we definitely need, would be great to have a wrapper of the terraform provider. For MySQL databases and certificates / ssh keys any solution would be good, no need to actually migrate from TF. One more thing which is crutial for a global enterprise like us, is having no dependency to a third party service for storing the state. Looking forward to the ongoing activities towards s3- support in that area.