Getting this exception with a `awsx.ecs.FargateSer...
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Getting this exception with a
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aws:ecs:TaskDefinition (http-backend):
    error: Plan apply failed: ClientException: The sum of all container 'cpu' values cannot be greater than the value of the task 'cpu'.
        status code: 400, request id: bff208c6-3c49-11e9-a829-c73da6c6ad94
I have one container with cpu 1024 and memory 2048 and another with cpu 256 memory 512. Both of those are valid Fargate task definitions:
cc @lemon-spoon-91807 who I know was looking at a bug in this logic recently that could be related.
Hey Kenny. Can you send me your task/container code?
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Looping back on this. From investigating, it looked like Kenny had a previous version of awsx prior to the improvements we made here in cpu/memory computation
he's going to try to get onto the latest version
I get the right behavior when i try 0.16.5