I'm wondering if it's a good idea to use Pulumi fo...
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I'm wondering if it's a good idea to use Pulumi for deployment on ECS/fargate
Yes! I've talked to many Pulumi users and customers who are working with ECS/Fargate, and we ourselves deploy our internal infrastructure on ECS (not currently Fargate) using Pulumi.
Thanks. It just feels too slow to me, deploys can take up to 5 minutes sometimes for a tiny service
Does Pulumi support management of EC2 instances? It looks like the EC2 package only manages other resource types
Yes. We definitely support EC2 instances and support the vast majority of all the AWS services.
Ah thanks. Not sure how I missed that
Is it possible to 'import' resources that already exist?
You can reference existing resources with functions like
that lets you find a resource and then use its properties - https://pulumi.io/reference/pkg/nodejs/@pulumi/aws/ec2/#getVpc.
But that does not let you manage the resource.
We are actively working on functionality to allow you to import/adopt a resource which would let you bring it into management by Pulumi.