with dynamic providers has anyone seen issues wher...
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with dynamic providers has anyone seen issues where __awaiter was not being captured? I can create one provider where I can see the __awaiter is captured, then I add a second provider to that library, the first one stops capturing __awaiter, not sure if these libs have stuff in common causing the serialization to happen differently. Working on creating a before/after repro, but was wondering if this rang any bells to anyone as i work on that
so it appears if i take a dependency on an @azure package and use it at all (even if it's not in the provider), awaiter stops being serialized. the only thing i can think of so far is the @azure libs use tslib, so not sure if the existence of that in my dependency tree causes different behavior. I will clean up this repro and post something on github tonight
Got the repro even smaller and posted an issue with links: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2530