any ideas please?
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any ideas please?
@sparse-insurance-40223 this is saying that the azure plugin failed to install into
(e.g.), you might be able to fix it by blowing away
and then re-installing all your dependencies
Oh, apparently we made the plugin loader more strict cc @incalculable-sundown-82514
Yes, currently tracking To get unblocked you can 1) set the environment variable
to fall back to the old behavior and 2) run
pulumi plugin install
with that environment variable set to install any plugins that may be missing. I apologize for the trouble, we’re working on improving this experience as we speak.
(My current theory is that we have accidentally regressed the automatic plugin installation that Pulumi normally does)
I have the same issue - running
yarn install
on jenkins, this creates node_modules, but ~/.pulumi directory is not created, and plugins are not installed This worked before - not sure what changed
@incalculable-sundown-82514 The work around you suggested does not seem to work:
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$ yarn install --frozen-lockfile
$ pulumi plugin install
[resource plugin aws-0.17.0] installing
[resource plugin kubernetes-0.21.0] installing
$ pulumi up --skip-preview --yes
Updating (TradeRev/test1):
Permalink: <[snip]>
error: could not load plugin for aws provider 'urn:pulumi:test1::retail-api::pulumi:providers:aws::default': no resource plugin 'aws-v0.17.1' found in the workspace or on your $PATH, install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource aws v0.17.1`
@faint-vegetable-61837 thanks for the report, can you run
pulumi plugin install --verbose
pulumi plugin ls
and post their outputs?
Can you also post the version of yarn you’re using?