Hi Guys, I ran into a compatibility issue between ...
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Hi Guys, I ran into a compatibility issue between Pulumi/Kubernetes Helm deployment and Prometheus Operator - actually it's not an issue with Pulumi, neither with Prometheus Operator. The problem is in the operator they use the same name for ingress and the role too and many other things, so this why the automatic URN generation fails in Pulumi. I can make a workaround with local templates (I checked it 🙂 it's huge ), but my question would be if you have time. What would be the best solution to handle this? Is there any?
I think it would be great to use the same concept in URN generation like k8s does
maybe with hash or something else to keep it short...I dont know...
It seems, this was a totally different problem 😉 - I am sorry very much bothering you
i had to do a lot of janky stuff to get it working
mostly RBAC related
and deploying to the wrong namespace
cc @gorgeous-egg-16927
there was a bad transformation in my code, now it's better I was able to deploy with this:
tomorrow I am going to try to find another issue, it seems prometheuus ingress cant find the backend service, my guess is some kind of selector issue
so it's not compatibility as i thought. I am going to figure it out, thanks