Hey all, I’m exploring the cloud framework and I w...
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Hey all, I’m exploring the cloud framework and I would like to leverage the Service resource, but I need to be able to add custom tags to the resources it creates for tracking purposes, is there any support for that?
There is not unfortunately. The APIs there are really designed to be cloud-neutral, so they don't have all the platform-specific knobs available. You likely will be interested in the
package, which provides a similar level of abstraction and productivity, but native to AWS ECS. This is a good starting point: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-awsx/tree/master/nodejs/awsx/ecs
Thanks for the quick reply, I’m look at the awsx docs here (https://pulumi.io/reference/pkg/nodejs/@pulumi/awsx/ecs/)for ecs and I cannot find where I should place my tags based on the listed interfaces. I see it in the
interface, but the references to that interface say its a parameter of a function rather than something you can configure. Could you give additional guidance on where I can place tags on the service if its possible in the awsx package?
Matt I been using the awsx package this weekend,and dug through some of the constructors. I know this is a few days old but the last argument opts (pulumi resource opts) allows you to pass tags as object of key value pairs. This will get passed along to the child pulumi AWS root component AWS ECS TaskDefinition.