Does Pulumi have some sort of cache that may get o...
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Does Pulumi have some sort of cache that may get out of date? I am getting this error:
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error: Missing required configuration variable 'services:storage-template-url'
        please set a value using the command `pulumi config set services:storage-template-url <value>`
... when running
pulumi up
. I do not have a
anywhere in this stack's code. This stack does have a stack reference to a stack that requires that config value and it was moved around recently.
Can you confirm that when you run
pulumi up
you are executing the latest version/build of your program? Could it be that the version Pulumi is running has some older build of the code?
My understanding is that error comes as a result of calling
somewhere. (Perhaps in a component library?) Having a stack reference to another stack whose program requires some config setting shouldn’t matter.
This may have something to do with a Pulumi update - running into another issue as well. Investigating.
This error came from the IDE automatically importing a variable from another Pulumi stack. Oops.
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