For EKS workers, Can we also look to do updates in...
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For EKS workers, Can we also look to do updates in a controlled manner ? As of now as I understand it if a new AMI is generated it will show up as a change for all your instance groups..
Does this also imply that pods aren’t drained/cordoned when updating a node group though?
I guess this is something that I took for granted at least from GKE
So looks like the autoscaling group handles it by terminating one at a time and bringing one up at a time with the new AMI..atleast looks like that from the activity history
Yes - the ASG will replace individual nodes one at a time. The issue tracked in is that this process does not interact cleanly with Kuberenetes node drainging, so when a node is replaced, the pods on that node will die suddenly, instead of being migrated off prior to shutdown. This is something that EKS itself has no support for yet unfortunately. We believe we can help solve this problem in
(we've done similar things for ECS) - and plan to do that as part of