hey all I just have a question about Pulumi output...
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hey all I just have a question about Pulumi outputs. If i create a 'pure' output via
, then export it as a stack output, it doesn't seem to appear in the stack outputs, where as outputs that are a side effects of creating a resource do
The former should work as well. Note that if the value of the output is undefined, it will not show up as an export. If that’s not the case, could you share a snippet?
thanks let me just double check a few things
in the config we either use an existing DB url or create one, and in the case where we want to just use the url, we output that url so the deployment can use it
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export function setupRds(nodeSecurityGroup: aws.ec2.SecurityGroup){
    const config = new pulumi.Config();
    const existingDatabaseUrl = config.get("use_database_url");
    const newDatabaseConfig = config.get("create_database");
    const project = pulumi.getProject();
    let databaseUrlOutput;
    const configErrorMessage = `RDS config: specify either a URL to use (${project}:use_database_url) or options to create an RDS instance (${project}:create_database: '{"instanceClass": "db.t3.small", "allocatedStorage": 5}').`;
    if ((existingDatabaseUrl || "").length > 0 && (newDatabaseConfig || "").length > 0) {
        throw new Error(configErrorMessage)

    if((existingDatabaseUrl || "").length > 0) {
        databaseUrlOutput = pulumi.output(existingDatabaseUrl);
    } else if ((newDatabaseConfig || "").length > 0) {
        const dbConfig = config.getObject<{instanceClass: string, allocatedStorage: number}>("create_database");
        if(!dbConfig || !dbConfig.instanceClass || !dbConfig.allocatedStorage) {
            throw new Error(configErrorMessage);

        const dbUsername = "apollo";
        const dbName = "apollo";
        const dbPort = 5432;

        // <https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/USER_VPC.Scenarios.html#USER_VPC.Scenario1>
        const dbSecurityGroup = new aws.ec2.SecurityGroup("apollo-rds-sg", {
            ingress: [
                { protocol: "tcp", fromPort: 0, toPort: 65535, securityGroups: [nodeSecurityGroup.id] }, // All TCP
                { protocol: "tcp", fromPort: dbPort, toPort: dbPort, securityGroups: [nodeSecurityGroup.id] }, // Postgres
                { protocol: "icmp", fromPort: -1, toPort: -1, securityGroups: [nodeSecurityGroup.id] }, // All ICMP
            vpcId: nodeSecurityGroup.vpcId
        const dbPassword = new random.RandomString("db-password", {
            length: 12,
            special: false
        const rdsInstance = new aws.rds.Instance("apollo-rds", {
            engine: "postgres",
            instanceClass: dbConfig.instanceClass,
            username: dbUsername,
            password: dbPassword.result,
            name: dbName,
            port: dbPort,
            publiclyAccessible: false,
            allocatedStorage: dbConfig.allocatedStorage,
            vpcSecurityGroupIds: [dbSecurityGroup.id],
            skipFinalSnapshot: true
        databaseUrlOutput = pulumi.all([rdsInstance.endpoint, dbPassword.result]).apply(
            ([endpoint, password]) => `postgres://${dbUsername}:${password}@${endpoint}/${dbName}`);

    return databaseUrlOutput;
i worked it out, i had changed the code and not done a pulumi update
works as expected
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thanks for your help