So i've been exploring the golang sdks and I have ...
# general
So i've been exploring the golang sdks and I have something put together. A couple of questions came to mind. Can i run this like I would any other golang program? go run main.go? Do I have to use the pulumi cli to execute the plan? I see the pulumi.RunInfo type but it does not seem that any methods are exposed to configure or pass that type at all.
No - program must currently be executed via
pulumi up
pulumi preview
. These take care of setting up a deployment engine gRPC server and various other supporting services and then launching the program with pointers to these gRPC endpoints to actually drive deployments. Some more info on this here: There’s a few parts of this process we expect to change in the medium term - allowing processes in the target language to drive the deployment lifecycle without the need for the
CLI (for embedding and for testing) but those changes are still a little way in the future.
Oh ok. I'm very adept at golang. I will look at your open issues and see if I can start to contribute back. I'd like to see execution FROM golang become a reality.