I can see that at one point there was an examples/...
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I can see that at one point there was an examples/beanstalk in the
repo but it's since been removed
I don't think we do have any official examples - I've talked to a couple users over the last few months who were using it. The example in that repo was only removed because it was fairly flaky for CI test purposes (EB deprecates platform versions aggressively, and has different supported versions across regions which made the tests require more maintenance than value - EB is also fairly slow to bringup/teardown). But we would definitely be open to a contribution of an EB example to the
@white-balloon-205 Thanks for the feedback and info! Working with a client who may be going the direction of EB so if that's the case and we end up putting together some good working examples I'll definitely see about getting them contributed back to the community