Hi, are there any known problems with <pulumi.com>...
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Hi, are there any known problems with pulumi.com right now? The console is extremly slugglish, takes often minutes to load the stacks. The CLI doesn't work at all, just takes the command and nothing happens. Everything was working about an hour ago just fine
Hi! I’m one of the engineers at Pulumi, and looking at our internal dashboard of error requests and latency, I can see a clear rise in average response latency from 14:15 to 15:00 UTC. But outside of that window, our request latency seems to be normal (with the 90th percentile ~50-150ms).
Looking at the current time in your profile, I assume you are located outside of the US? Unfortunately our service is currently hosted on the US west coast, which will lead to high latency when using the CLI or service. (We’re working on fixing that though, since obviously we don’t want “sluggish” to be a word used to describe Pulumi :)
If you are still seeing performance issues, or
commands not responding at all, please let me know. With your pulumi account name and the name of the stack you are trying to browse in the Pulumi Cloud Console, I can better understand what the specific issue is.
thanks for getting back to me. Now its fast again, so either load during US daytime or just a temporal problem 😉