question for the team, I know the default behavior...
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question for the team, I know the default behavior on s3 buckets is to prefix with a unique id, but I need a static bucket name for S3 is there a way to do this? I have tried setting the arn in the bucketArgs but it still created a new bucket.
For most resources, you can specify a
argument to override the default auto-naming. For buckets, it's (unfortunately) inconsistent, but you can accomplish this by specifying a
argument. So, for example:
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let buck = new aws.s3.Bucket("foo", {
    bucket: "foo-exactly",
    // other args, as usual...
The resulting name will be
. The auto-naming is to ensure it's easier to stand up multiple stacks side-by-side without any naming conflicts, but completely understood that sometimes you need the exact name.
thanks Joe btw we should catch up soon. Today went well with my boss
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Excellent to hear! Would love to. I'll shoot you a mail.
yes please do. We have next steps.
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