if a task - such as creating a managed cert in GKE...
# general
if a task - such as creating a managed cert in GKE takes up to 20 mins to complete - will pulumi timeoout before it does or will it happily wait/
It times out, at least in my experience
urgh... that's a shame - although - the fact it takes so long for google to generate an SSL cert is a mystery to me
Which resource is that? If it regularly times out that’s a bug we need to fix
i haven;t gotte to it yet - but generally ManagedCertificate takes a very long time to provision
In general - Pulumi should wait as long as necessary for the resource to provision. In particular for GKE, I have never seen any issues with it timing out before being ready. There are some safeguards that will timeout eventually to ensure operations do not hang in case of issues with the cloud provider - but these are generally an order of magnitude beyond "normal" operation time.
I’ll be getting to the cert creation part soon so will be able to report back :)