I'm getting this error while trying to delete my s...
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I'm getting this error while trying to delete my stack:
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aws:ecs:Cluster (app):
    error: Plan apply failed: deleting urn:pulumi:basic-web-kenny::basic-web::awsinfra:x:ecs:Cluster$aws:ecs/cluster:Cluster::app: ClusterContainsServicesException: The Cluster cannot be deleted while Services are active.
        status code: 400, request id: aa1fa14b-5f9b-11e9-bfb5-ab10608170ab
The ECS cluster named
does not exist so I'm not sure how it could have active Services. Any ideas?
When you say it doesn't exist - you mean it was deleted somehow outside of Pulumi? If so, you can
pulumi state delete 'urn:pulumi:basic-web-kenny::basic-web::awsinfra:x:ecs:Cluster$aws:ecs/cluster:Cluster::app'
to remove it from Pulumi's state so that Pulumi doesn't try to delete it again. That said - the error message you are seeing sounds surprising if that is the case. Are you sure the cluster does not exist in AWS anymore?
Can't recall how it was deleted but am 100% certain it does not exist anymore.
Okay - then
pulumi state delete
should help here.
Also, a bit annoying - when I run
pulumi destroy
on this stack, it stays on this UI for 10 minutes:
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Type                 Name                       Status       
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack  basic-web-basic-web-kenny               
 -   └─ aws:ecs:Cluster   app                        deleting
Seems like it could exit a lot earlier.
Yes - I believe it retries for 10 minutes. This is unfortunate, but I think there are cases where it can take several minutes to delete successfully even under "normal" conditions.
That makes sense. Though if the resource does not exist, I don't think it would change after 10 mins.