Hi Is it possible to run <pulumi.com> locally ( no...
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Hi Is it possible to run pulumi.com locally ( not pulumi login --local) ?
Yes, there is an on-perm version available as part of an enterprise (I believe) tier
Yeah, says "Self-Hosted Available" for Enterprise plan on the pricing page: https://www.pulumi.com/pricing/
is that software in the pulumi repo ?
which is that software thats app server or api.pulumi.com in https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi
@careful-market-30508 from what I can see, you were being linked to the option to buy self hosted - I don’t believe this is open source but I’m sure one of the team will be able to confirm this
@careful-market-30508 it is not possible to run the Pulumi API service (https://api.pulumi.com), which powers https://app.pulumi.com locally. The Pulumi CLI is open-source in github.com/pulumi/pulumi. And you can use the command-line tool to manage stacks without needing to contact the “Pulumi Service”. (i.e.
login --local
like you mentioned.) But the software powering the Pulumi Service — the APIs used to manage stack updates, persist stack history, browse stack resources, etc. — is not open-source.
Like Josh Bowling mentioned, running a version of the Pulumi Service on-prem is available. But is there some other use-case you are looking to achieve?